Traveler. Entrepreneur. Product Marketing & Growth Advisor in Sunny L.A.

Building, Scaling, and Guiding Culture Shaping Companies

Mischa Armada is a traveler, entrepreneur, and multidisciplinary product marketing & growth leader based in Los Angeles. For 10+ years, she has developed, managed, and led large-scale growth strategies for Fortune 500 brands and distinguished startups — From being part of the original team that launched Tinder to leading marketing at high-growth SaaS companies; Contributing to over $15B in market value across multiple industries, product categories, and elevating experiences to millions of people worldwide.

Specializing in multi-channel go-to-market strategy, digital strategy, and product marketing, Mischa helps teams identify the most valuable areas to generate growth, discover new business opportunities, and elevate customer experiences that lead to greater operational efficiencies and stronger revenue growth. She has tons of fun doing it too.

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Building Brands That Other Brands Want to Be

As a blend of both marketing creative and technologist, Mischa leverages her unique background, passion for storytelling, deep understanding of consumer behavior, and effective utilization of data to lead cross-functional teams, shape strategy, and execute tactics that incite growth across every point of the value chain – Increasing awareness, adoption, retention, revenue, market share, and mind share.

Focus Areas: Brand Development, Customer Experience, Go-to-Market Strategy, Product Marketing, Brand & Product Innovations, Research & Development, Data Analysis, etc.


Brave New World

Sometimes change is so vast and dislocating that it is hard to tell disaster from opportunity. How should businesses respond to this unprecedented moment in history? There is no playbook. As we continue to combat the myriad challenges thrown up by Covid-19, CEOs are increasingly unsure about what strategic approaches to deploy.

During these times of uncertainty, what is certain is that the world after is unlikely to resemble the one before it. We must look ahead, imagine the future we want, what a post-Covid world could look like, and begin building solutions for it.


We're going through an extraordinary time and our beloved local businesses are suffering. If you're a small business in Los Angeles that has been impacted by the pandemic and need marketing support, please reach out to me directly. I'm taking on pro-bono work and would love to help support where I can.

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If you have an interesting project, have a crazy idea, or just need some help with your startup, let's talk. Where there are challenges, there are opportunities to get creative.

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"Humans are driven to explore the unknown, discover new worlds, push the boundaries of our scientific and technical limits, and then push further. The intangible desire to explore and challenge the boundaries of what we know and where we have been has provided benefits to our society for centuries."