Somewhere between the beach and the boardroom


Mischa Armada is a traveler, entrepreneur, and marketing & growth advisor specializing in early-stage ventures.

Previously, she co-founded Stayawhile, a VC-backed real estate/alternative accommodation startup enabling members the ability to live in boutique hotels around the world at a subscription. Prior, she served as COO of Imonggo, where she spearheaded their entry into the APAC market, as well as driving growth at Honey (Acquired by PayPal), Chideo, and Entertainment Fusion Group where she helped launch Tinder.

A former digital nomad before it became mainstream, she has lived and worked across three continents calling L.A., NYC, Manila, Bali, and Cape Town home. Mischa loves exploring the unknown, remote beaches, no itineraries, experiencing new cultures, connecting with fun people, Aperol Spritzes in good company, geeking out, and near-life experiences.

Currently, she lives in Los Angeles with her french bulldog Butters making the most of quarantine and providing support where she can.